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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) - Online  

Our Certified Nursing Assistant online program was developed to prepare students to pass the State Board exam, and to ensure long-term success in a new CNA career.

Our comprehensive program walks students step-by-step through each of the mandatory skills with hands-on interactive learning environments. We provide preparation for the written portion of the exam with ample material to practice, as well as all the tools needed to master the knowledge and skills with confidence.

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Take the first step toward your new career today!

Get access to the online CNA course and the skills lab, and get everything you need to pass the state test!

Become a CNA as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Complete the registration* for one of the three options below, and complete the course at your convenience.
  2. Complete the Florida State CNA certification examination with passing score
  3. You're now a Certified Nursing Assistant in the State of Florida!

Our CNA Program Offers

  • Skills Labs - Hands On Training & Demonstration
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Taught by a Healthcare Professional
  • Study Guide
  • Online CNA Videos & Lectures
  • Online CNA Practice Exams
  • Job Placement Support

*Complete necessary background check, and screening prerequisites.


Your CNA Training Options 

Our CNA class is individualized to every student to ensure understanding and mastery of each CNA skill while learning in a fun and relaxed environment.

Choose from 3 enrollment options:



Online CNA Course with 4-Day Skills Labs - $595

And the option to return for additional time in the skills lab as needed, until you're fully prepared to take your exam!

Included Add-On: Mock State Test Practical

Practice Written Test AND Practice Clinical Skills Readiness Test: Get the hands-on practice you need to ace the exam! 

Enroll in CNA Online & Skills Course

Online-only CNA Course - $195

Get immediate access to the online course with everything you need to get test-ready!

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One-Day Lab Skills Session 


Practice with our instructors in a hands-on skills lab!

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Why us?

Our focus on affordability and high-quality education makes this program one of the most used and recognized throughout Florida to train thousands of Certified Nursing Assistants. Our nurses guide each student every step of the way to assure full preparation for the CNA state exam.

The online CNA program prepares students specifically to take the Florida state CNA test, Prometric. Each student will be given the education and access to learn all of the mandatory nurse aide skills and knowledge to master the written exam material, and work as a CNA in a variety of settings. Our online CNA program also walks students through how to sign up and take the state exam, creating an easy-to-navigate path to a new career.

Learn more about being a CNA!

The position of certified nursing assistant, commonly referred to with the acronym of CNA, assists patients with important healthcare needs. This individual serves as a liaison between patients and Licensed Practical Nurses or Registered Nurses. CNAs work in a wide variety of facilities, ranging from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities, home care settings, adult daycare centers, assisted living facilities, hospices and beyond.

If you are interested in becoming a CNA, Nursing Unlimited can help you obtain certification with our informative medical courses. We also help CNAs find employment in the employment settings listed above. This line of work is perfect for those who are interested in helping others. CNAs do much more than providing care to patients. They also relay important information between patients and other nurses and vice versa. Become a CNA and you will dramatically improve patients’ quality of life, confidence, happiness, and well-being. You will enjoy daily contact with patients, help them with serious medical needs, and enjoy a lucrative and rewarding career.