Introducing SMART CPR Technology

Earn your CPR or BLS certification at your convenience. With SMART CPR technology, you can easily enroll in an online American Red Cross Course and later showcase your skills at a testing center. This entire process can be completed without the need for an instructor

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Training On-Demand

Self-Directed CPR Training and Certification

Dive into the future of CPR training with our cutting-edge SMART CPR technology. No instructor is needed—our innovative system guides participants through the training process independently.

Enroll in and participate in online certified training courses offered by the American Red Cross. Upon completion, learners will receive a unique code that can be redeemed at a designated testing site.

Participants will have the opportunity to perform CPR at our convenient testing center using state-of-the-art self-directed technology. Once finished, they can easily submit their results for evaluation.

Learners and their workplace will receive certification cards digitally. 

Committed to Advancing Lifesaving Education and Skills

The American Red Cross and CAE, a globally recognized leader in simulation-based training, have joined forces to deliver the new innovative SMART Manikin for both First Aid/CPR/AED and BLS skills. This CPR manikin training solution optimizes instructor resources while ensuring learners achieve skills mastery through greater technical accuracy, objectivity and consistency. The self-directed SMART Manikin brings forth first-to-market skills training and objective skills assessment in the areas of AED placement, direct pressure for bleeding control and infant choking.

Personalized Training that Optimizes Instructor Resources

The SMART Manikin extends your training options and resources by offering on-demand learning and self-directed skills assessments. This solution enables learners to obtain certification regardless of location and schedule while freeing up valuable instructor availability.


Achieve Skills Mastery Through Greater Technical Accuracy, Objectivity and Consistency

Objective, quantitative real-time feedback, incorporating visual and audio cues, paired with dedicated manikin practice, results in the most precise preparation for life-saving skills.

Enhance Student Tracking and Reporting

Reduce administrative burdens by utilizing performance metrics to evaluate and improve performance over time, while also allowing organizations to easily meet compliance specifications and regulatory requirements.


SMART CPR Technology

A state-of-the-art, self-directed feedback manikin coupled with our comprehensive evidence-based curriculum and award-winning innovative course design, delivers the most precise and best educational experience ensuring better outcomes.

As the leader in first aid, CPR and AED training, the Red Cross believes in advancing training education, standards and tools to ensure the quality and consistency of the training given by the Red Cross and its licensed training providers.

SMART Manikin Features

Chest Compressions: Depth, Rate, Count

Accurately measure and assess the depth, rate & count of chest compressions

Ventilations: Timing, Volume

Correctly measure the volume of air given during ventilations and the duration of ventilations provided

Hand Position

Validate correct hand positioning for effective compressions

AED Placement

Adeptly assess the correct locations to place AED pads

Time Off Chest

Precisely quantify the time of any interruptions in compressions

Infant Choking

Verify correct hand placement and count of back blows and abdominal thrusts

Recoil (Compression Release)

Confirm that the chest is returning to normal position between compressions

Direct Pressure

Precisely evaluate the correct pressure required to stop life-threatening bleeding

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