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Choose from AHA or ARC courses, delivered in your preferred format – Classroom, Blended Learning, Virtual or SMART CPR Technology.

Every second counts in a medical emergency and the ability to act quickly and effectively can make all the difference. At Lifework Education, we understand the importance of equipping your staff with the latest CPR and first aid skills. Our comprehensive courses, offered in partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross (ARC), are designed to provide your staff with the life-saving skills they need.

Whether you prefer traditional classroom training, blended learning options, virtual sessions, or the cutting-edge SMART CPR Technology, we have the flexibility to meet your needs. Our experienced instructors will guide your staff through hands-on training, ensuring they are confident and prepared to respond to any medical emergency.

By choosing Lifework Education, you are investing in the safety and well-being of your patients and staff. With our courses, your hospital and healthcare facility can become a beacon of excellence in emergency response. Don't leave anything to chance – partner with Lifework Education and equip your staff with the skills that can save lives.

Choose the Best Training Method for Your Team. 

At our training center, we provide a wide range of comprehensive CPR training programs specifically designed for workplaces and healthcare facilities.  Our programs are meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements. We understand that every organization is different, which is why we offer flexible training options that can be delivered in the format that suits you best. Whether you prefer in-person training sessions conducted by our expert instructors or online courses that can be accessed at your convenience, we have the perfect solution for your team. Rest assured, our training methods are proven to be effective and will equip your staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to handle any emergency situation with confidence and precision. Choose the best training method for your team and ensure that they are well-prepared to save lives. 

Classroom Training

Experience hands-on training with our expert instructors in a traditional classroom setting. Ideal for teams who thrive in a collaborative learning environment.

Blended Learning

Experience the best of both worlds with our blended learning approach. Integrate online modules with hands-on practical sessions to create a customized training experience that perfectly suits your team's schedule and needs.

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Virtual Learning

Experience the opportunities of virtual training sessions, empowering your team to actively engage from the comfort of their own spaces, regardless of geographical location. Embrace Unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your organization.

SMART CPR Technology

Dive into the future of CPR training with our cutting-edge SMART CPR technology. No instructor is needed—our innovative system guides participants through the training process independently.

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Getting Trained and Certified with Lifework Education is Simple. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that your training experience is not only simple but also enjoyable and effective. Our team of experienced instructors will guide you through the learning process, providing personalized support and feedback every step of the way. With Lifework Education, you can expect a seamless training program that caters to your specific needs and goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional looking to enhance your skills, we have a wide range of courses and certifications to choose from. Our commitment to making training easy means that you can confidently embark on your learning journey with us, knowing that we will provide you with the resources and support you need to succeed.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling with our training team is simple. 

Sync Your Team

Equal training and skills to save lives.

Stay in Compliance

Meet training requirements for your team. 

American Heart Association



Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals (BLS)

This course teaches both single-rescuer and team basic life support skills for application in both in- and out-of-hospital settings. This course trains participants to promptly recognize several life-threatening emergencies, give high-quality chest compressions, deliver appropriate ventilations and provide early use of an AED. It includes adult, child, and infant rescue techniques. This course also teaches relief of choking.


CPR, AED, First Aid

This course is for anyone with little or no medical training who needs a course completion card for their job, regulatory (e.g., OSHA), or other requirements or anyone who wants to be prepared for an emergency in any setting. First Aid teaches you the basics for the most common first aid emergencies, including how to recognize them, how to call for help, and how to perform lifesaving skills.Upon successful course completion, students receive a course completion card, valid for two years.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

Advanced life support skills, including CPR, AED use, and management of respiratory arrest, arrhythmias, acute coronary syndromes and stroke. Results in an AHA ACLS Healthcare Provider course completion card.

American Heart Association (PALS)

Advanced life support skills for treating children and infants, including CPR, AED use, and management of respiratory emergencies, shock emergencies, and arrhythmias. Results in an AHA PALS Healthcare Provider course completion card.



American Red Cross

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CPR AED & First Aid

The Adult and Pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns cuts scrapes sudden illnesses head neck back injuries heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies for victims about 12 years and older. Successful students will receive a certificate valid for two years.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

The Basic Life Support Course for Healthcare Providers includes all standard scientific learning objectives necessary in professional resuscitation courses, but also allows students to develop their critical thinking, teamwork, and clinical decision-making skills, and work on reflection and debriefing, which serves to strengthen their overall learning and work experience This certification is valid for 2 years. 

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Advanced Life Support (ALS) training builds on your BLS skills to help you deliver a greater level of care. Featuring a science-based curriculum and personalized instruction, ALS classes use a scenario-based approach and focus on medically complex cases requiring advanced interventions. ALS certifications are valid for two years from the completion date.


Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)

Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) training can help you provide life-saving care to infants and children during times of crisis. The PALS course will help you learn to assess patients, provide advanced interventions, and improve critical-thinking skills so you can provide better care more confidently. 

Why Choose Lifework Education? 

Invest in your staff's skills.
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Accredited Excellence

We are a trusted provider of both AHA and ARC courses, ensuring the highest quality training.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our programs to your specific patient demographics, equipment, and protocols.

Convenience and Flexibility

We bring the training to you, minimizing disruption to your operations.

Compliance Made Simple

Upon successful completion, your staff will receive nationally recognized credentials.